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Serving quality without compromises is not only our duty, but a promise to our clients. Academy Catering provides expert support lending distinction to tailor-made event management and offers its exclusive services with dedication to superior quality ensuring a variety of options for its honoured guests.


Gasztronómia Klub Étterem Kft. (Gasztronomy Club Restaurant Ltd.), the official catering service provider of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – contracted catering partner of Festetics Palace and having functioned as the main catering supplier of the EU Presidency in 2011 – offers catering services of exquisite standard in several truly exceptional settings besides the Main Building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Széchenyi Square.


Our range of facilities, special catering equipment and appliances, modern kitchen as well as our professionally experienced, highly-qualified and dedicated staff all ensure a wealth of flexible options from smaller exclusive private events, receptions and weddings to international conventions and gala dinners welcoming even several hundreds of guests.


Our hospitality service and professional philosophy harmoniously combine the encounter of traditions and up-to-date innovation, and constant rejuvenation both in our variety of dishes and visual image. In the gastronomical sense of integrating past into present, preparation of traditional national Hungarian dishes happens by using the most cutting-edge technological novelties of art cuisine with modern presentation involving the original and creative use of the finest popular ingredients.


- Gábor Kusnyár, Managing Director




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